BRGIE’s Biafra Referendum binding statement under Int’l law- OEAS




The Organization of Emerging African States has said that the results of the Biafra referendum by the Biafra Republic Government In-Exile shall be a binding definitive statement from Biafrans under international laws.

Director of OEAS, Ebenezer Akwanga disclosed this in a recent 6-point resolution communiqué dated June 24, 2024, sighted by DAILY POST on Thursday.

OEAS further consolidated the self-determination pursuit of the people of Biafra amid decades of marginalization by the Nigerian government.

According to OEAS, it endorsed BRGIE’s Self-referendum, a quest which kickoff off E-voting in February 2024 and is expected to be concluded on November 29th, 2024.

It also justified its recognition of the Biafra Referendum on the basis that BRGIE recently submitted a request for self-determination to the African Union.

“The African Charter of Human and Peoples Rights Guarantees the Right to Self Determination.

“Biafra has submitted a request to the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights to assist with the referendum and peaceable transfer of power to the Republic of Biafra, if so, indicated by the results.

“The OEAS is satisfied with the integrity of the referendum which is being conducted digitally and at local polling stations and is subject to multiple safeguards.

“The results of the referendum will be certifiable and will meet international
standards; Millions of Biafrans have already voted in the referendum which is due to be concluded November 29, 2024. The OEAS congratulates the Biafra Republic Government in Exile for its sagacity and initiative in undertaking the referendum on the future of Biafra.

“OEAS hereby authorizes: “The results of the Biafra Self Referendum shall be considered binding under international law as a definitive statement of the intentions and aspirations of the Biafran people”, the resolution stated.

The development comes barely a month after BRGIE, with Simon Ekpa as its Prime Minister dragged the Nigeria Government to AU over the continued detention of the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra and the Biafra Referendum.

Recall that recently the United States Department of Justice officially recognized BRGIE as an entity for Biafra Liberation.

BRGIE reiterated that the declaration of Biafra Liberation on December 2, 2024, will bring lasting peace, and stability to West Africa.