2023: Peter Obi resignation from PDP attracts mass defection




…Anywhere Obi goes, we’ll follow, supporters tell PDP

The sudden resignation of presidential aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Peter Obi, and his withdrawal from the race on the platform of the party has attracted mass resignation of his supporters from the party.

As majority of Obi’s supporters insisted that anywhere Obi goes they will follow.

The resignation of Obi from PDP has also resulted to intense lobby for membership and offer of presidential ticket by leaders of the New Nigeria Peoples Party(NNPP) and Labour party(LP).

A senior chieftain of the Labour party expressed joy and confidence during a telephone call with Nigerian Newssphere that Peter Obi will pick the Presidential ticket of the labour party, saying, “We are happy to receive Mr Peter Obi into Labour Party as our Presidential candidate. Obi’s ideology and principles about governance is the same ideology being championed by the Labour party,” he assured.

However, when Nigerian Newsspgere reached out to Peter Obi’s media Aide, Mr Michael Jude he didn’t respond to text and call at the time of writing this report.

The development came just a few days to the date scheduled for the PDP primary, which is expected to hold on May 28 and May 29 in Abuja.

Announcing his resignation on Wednesday in  a letter titled “Resignation From PDP and Withdrawal from the Presidential Contest” addressed to the PDP National Chairman, Obi attributed the decision to recent developments within PDP.

The letter read, “I am writing to intimate you of my resignation from the PDP, which was conveyed to the Chairman of Agulu Ward 2. Anaocha LGA Anambra, effective Friday 20 May, 2022.

“Consequently, I am by this letter informing you of my withdrawal for the PDP Presidential Primaries.

“It has been a great honour to contribute to nation-building efforts through our party.

“Unfortunately, recent developments within our party make it practically impossible to continue participating and making such constructive contributions.

“Our national challenges are deep-seated and require that we each make profound sacrifices towards rescuing our country.

“My commitment to rescuing Nigeria remains firm, even if the route differs.

“I wish to thank you personally for your graciousness and leadership. I wish you well and best of luck in the service of country,” Obi said.

In a swift response to the resignation, a supporter of Obi, @Obong_Ekpe took to social to discontinue his membership from the party.
He said, “I have sent my information to my ward chairman to delist me from the PDP’s register as I will no longer be able to continue my membership. I will never be in support of any party that places Party’s Interest over National Interest. Where ever you go I go with you Sir.”

According to another social media user @mdnazeal, “Obi is not among favourite at all. I told a friend of mine, he said Nigerians wants him, I asked, Are Nigerians to vote in the primaries or party Delegates?

“Obi wants to play integrity over money in the field of politics and this will make it very difficult for him to succeed,” he said.
For @imeogu_j, Peter Obi is the man for Nigeria whether he leaves the PDP or not.

In his words, “If Peter Obi leaves PDP, it doesn’t stop me from rooting for Him! Obi is the Man for Nigeria. Whichever way it plays out, he is the only qualified intellectual for the  position as the President of Nigeria!”

Information gathered by our correspondent revealed mass resignation from PDP by supporters who vowed to ensure the emergence of Peter Obi as the next President. However, Former aide of President Jonathan Reno Omokri, reacting to the resignation lambasted supporters of Peter Obi for not accommodating the view of others.

In another post, he wrote: “We have seen a premature result of the aggressive campaign strategy of selling your aspirant to those you want to vote for him by insulting and threatening them.

“I have never seen such a tactless and wrongheaded method.

“You counsel them, and they will insult you. They are the only ones who know politics. They are political geniuses.

“Has it not happened exactly as I said it? They just destroyed a good man!”
He stated that the PDP would have lost the election if Peter Obi had emerged as the presidential candidate.

He wrote: “Did I not say it? If the PDP had fielded Peter Obi, they would have LOST big time.
“Peter Obi is a decent man and someone I believe would have made a good President, but his online followers made him so unpopular and toxic with every region outside the Southeast. They know themselves. Insulting and threatening. Impervious to counsel. As if only them could have made him President.”

On the part of Dennis O. Adesanoye, “Unfortunately, most youth shouting ‘we will vote for Peter Obi in any political party’ will still end up voting for PDP or APC in 2023.
“The real problem is that people hardly vote for third force, no matter how good the candidate is,” he said.

He added that “the best option for Obi is to join NNPP. I live in the North and know Obi needs either PDP/APC to get reasonable votes in the North in addition to his Southern strength.”

Nigerian Newssphere reports that there are indications that the former Governor of Anambra is in discussion with the leaders of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) few hours after he resigned from PDP.

It was also gathered that he may pitch his tent with the Labour Party (LP) if the meeting with the NNPP is not fruitful.