Experts to cap massive outbound financial flows of medical tourism




In an attempt to stop the massive outbound financial flows of medical tourism in Nigeria Cardiocare Multispecialty Hospital Abuja has organized it’s 6th edition of the Abuja Cardiovascular symposium 2022 theme “The Cardiovascular Disease Pandemic: Prevention and treatment of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.”

The activity is focused at providing a valuable contribution to the healthcare sector, and battling the growing cardiovascular epidemic in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa by assisting healthcare professionals treat their patients effectively and safely through knowledge sharing.

In his remark the Medical Director of the Cardiocare Hospital Abuja, Dr. Oyindamola Awofisoye, said that the symposium is a yearly commitment made by Cardiocare poised to Improve the outcome of patients presenting with cardiovascular diseases either in emergency or outpatient settings.

He added that these trainings have gone a long way in equipping healthcare practitioners with skills in identifying, diagnosing, and managing cardiovascular diseases and therefore making more valuable contributions to quality patient care and improved medical practice.

The Group Medical Director of the Limi Hospital Group, Dr Iseko Iseko made it known that a big and smoldering pandemic has been growing and impacting negatively on African communities – the Cardiovascular disease Pandemic.

However, besides the occasionally publicized sudden cardiac death, it is believed that a lot of cases largely go unrecognized and that most African delivery systems are reportedly both exposed and ill-prepared for this rising behemoth.

To be able to adapt and respond to these new challenges, notably in cardiovascular and other non-communicable diseases, healthcare delivery systems must further develop Human Resource empowerment with practical tools and information to excel.

The Abuja Cardiovascular Symposium was birthed for just that, to advocate and train healthcare professionals in this vital area that would dominate future healthcare conversations in the years to come.

A cardiologist in the Cardiocare Hospital Abuja, Dr. Olalekan Olaleye, mentioned that the hospital and her subsidiaries, of which Cardiocare is a flagship, is a multispecialty referral and tertiary healthcare center dedicated to proffer world-class training and service solutions to national medical issues especially in cardiovascular medicine.

In line with the passion to curb medical tourism through lifelong partnerships and continuous medical training, every doctor & hospital working in Nigeria deserves to have all the support to offer the best to their patients in a world-class approach right here in Nigeria.

Cardiocare Multispecialty hospital specializes in advanced cardiovascular and Internal medicine and launched her ultramodern cardiac catheterization laboratory (Cath lab) amongst other high-end facilities and has carried out over four hundred and fifty (450) successful cardiac and vascular interventions ranging from coronary/peripheral angiography, stents, pacemakers, implantable defibrillators, IVC filters, and cardiac resynchronization devices amongst others to treat heart attacks, heart failure and prevent sudden death.

In 2021, Cardiocare Hospital bagged an “Award of Excellence in Cardiovascular Care” from the Nigerian Cardiac Society (NCS) the umbrella body for all involved in cardiovascular medical practice in the country. And in 2022, she received recognition with another award of excellence in Cardiovascular Care under the auspices of the Physician of the Year which is organized in conjunction with the Nigerian Medical Association and her sister associations.

“ The Abuja Cardiovascular Symposium (ACS) was born 6 years ago and is focused at battling the growing cardiovascular epidemic in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa by assisting healthcare professionals treat their patients effectively and safely through knowledge sharing.

“ The sixth Abuja Cardiovascular Symposium engaged over 400 delegates drawn from various healthcare providers and professionals across the country (Lagos, Enugu, Gombe, Katsina, Bauchi, Kano, Kaduna, Bayelsa, Nassarawa, etc.) and beyond who deeply engaged in the enriching theoretical and practical sessions in Cardiovascular Medicine.

“ ACS2022 was anchored by a dynamic group of facilitators that empowered the attendees with in-depth insight, alongside practical and actionable management tools in cardiovascular and emergency medicine. Several topics were covered ranging from hands-on Basic Life Support training, Hypertension and Diabetes Management in Outpatient Department and Emergencies, and the widely acclaimed “ECG in 90 minutes” had the participants interpreting ECG reports at the end of the session.”