2023: SDP suspends presidential campaign over former Sport Minister, Dalung’s son death




Ahead of the forthcoming election, Social Democratic Party(SDP) has announced suspension of presidential campaigns over the death of its Director General, Former Sport Minister, Solomon Dalung’s son.

Nigerian Newssphere learnt that Dalung son, known as Nehemiah aged 33 passed on recently.

SDP presidential candidate Prince Adewole Adebayo made this disclosure to Journalists on Tuesday in Abuja while responding to an endorsement by 52 deregistered political parties under the aegis of Mobilize All Nigerian for Good Governance(MAN).

According to him, “Let me thank you all, today is an unusual day and I will not be able to make long speech or any speech at all. Our campaign is suspended because our Director General, my brother Solomon Dalung lost his son, Nehemiah Dalung, so the body is being moved from Gombe to their home town. We have suspended our campaigns for the week. But when I was told that you were here, I thought that it will be good manners to come and receive you. I will ask us to stand up and make a few minute silence for late Mr Dalung”, he said.

He added that, “when we are charge of the affairs of Nigeria people, people with interest in public lives, who work hard, have agenda we be the people who will be in political parties, not does who have money to rig election, because the criteria used to determine the survival of political parties is unfair to people working hard”.

Earlier, in his remark, the leader MAN, Dr Odion Okpebholo, said after a thorough perusal of presidential candidates, the group has agreed to adopt Adebayo because of his credibility and forthsight..

“In our subsequent meetings and consultations with various political parties and their candidates we are resolved with the following.

“That the SDP and her presidential candidate, the impeccable persona of Barrister Prince Adewole Adebayo Mr. Adequate is our preferred candidate for the forthcoming 2023 elections.
“All members from National level to Ward level should be a Card Carrying member of the Social Democratic Party.