SDP presidential primary: Doroyhy steps down for Prince Adebayo




One of the presidential aspirants of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) Cesnabmihlo Doroyhy Nuhu Akenova, has stepped down for Prince Adewale Adebayo.

The presidential aspirant made this announcement in a press conference, Abuja on Tuesday.

Doroyhy said she decided to step down after the presidential position was zoned to the South.

The female politician said she believes that Adebayo has all it takes to lead Nigeria and bring about the actual change that would affect the country and its people positively.

“Today is special because I have come to affirm a number of things concerning our great country, Nigeria as you all know.

“Before now,  I was in the raise for the SDP’s presidential ticket. But the President’s position has been zoned to the South West of Nigeria and this has disqualified me to run for the primary.

“And as an obedient and loyal member of the Social Democratic Party,  SDP, I’m declaring before you all that I’ve stepped down my aspiration.

“I must point out at this moment that my abiding reason for contesting for the highest office in the land wasn’t about me.

“But to get the actual change that will cause a turnaround for Nigeria and her people.

“I’m pleased to inform you, therefore, that having been made ineligible,  I’ve identified a formidable candidate, and eligible for this contest and shares the same passion, ideal and aspiration for the social-economic development of Nigeria and her people and I’ve decided to throw all my weight behind this credible candidate and he is Prince Adewole Adebayo”.