Channels TV under criticism for featuring Hamas leader




A popular Nigerian broadcaster, Channels Television, is heavily criticised for featuring a Hamas leader, Ghazi Hamad, on Tuesday. 

Hamad appeared on Politics Today, speaking on Israel’s offensive against Hamas. 

However, his appearance has attracted criticism from the Nigerian public. 

Nigerians wondered why Channels Television would be used as a platform for Hama’s agenda owing to Nigeria’s non-aligned foreign policy posture on the Israel-Palestine conflict. 

Newssphere gathered a series of reactions from X: 


What is the purpose of Ghazi Hamad, a member of the Hamas Political Bureau, being in Nigeria? This country is not an Islamic State, and why is Channels TV providing a platform for a representative of Hamas’s main decision-making body?

Is this part of their Muslim-Muslim agenda?


Why is Channels TV giving their platform to Hamas?

Is Nigeria no longer non-aligned in geopolitics?

What are the leaders of Hamas doing in Nigeria?

Why are they gloating over the Muslim Muslim ticket?

Do you think you can Islamize Nigeria?


Does Nigeria need this at this moment?

Other countries are exercising great caution when platforming these guys, but here goes Channels TV. 

Do we need this at this moment? 

And why is Hamas very, very comfortable in Nigeria?


Irrelevant content! There is no food here and no peace in Congo, but you bring Hamas on TV?

Newssphere recalls that the armed conflict between Israel and Hamas- led Palestinian group escalated since October 7 last year.