Beneficiaries seek extension of AU, ALPA hepatitis intervention in Nasarawa




Some beneficiaries of the African Union (AU) and African Liver Patient Association (ALPA) sponsored free hepatitis intervention have called for the extension of the free outreach.

Some of them, who spoke to the Newsmen on Wednesday, pleaded for more days of the free treatment in order for more people to benefit.

Usman Dauda, a native of Lafia noted that as the days of the free hepatitis intervention drew closer, the numbers of beneficiaries kept increasing exponentially.

“We have never seen any organisation bring care nearer to the communities as such that is why you see the numbers kept increasing anyhow.

“ We are pleading for additional days so that everyone can benefit,’’ he said.

According to Shekwogazu Peter, a trader,“ Earlier this year when I tested positive for hepatitis in the specialist hospital in Lafia, I was worried because I could not afford the treatment.

He said, “Thanks to the AU and ALPA for providing free hepatitis services, I pray they extend the free drugs and testing for another 6 months.’’

Peter Audu, a Lafia Local Government official suggested that the government should make the work of partners easier by screening their indigenes and keeping the correct data for onward free treatment.


“To make the work of partners easier, the state should make the work of partners easier by at least screening their indigenes and keeping the correct data for onward free treatment as such.

“ The burden of screening by international or local partners who are seeking to eradicate hepatitis or even any viral disease should be removed.

“ The focus will now be on treatments, vaccinations etc and days will be effectively utilized,’’ he said.

Rahinna Maina, who came all the way from Keff, pleaded that the free hepatitis treatment be extended to those in the custodial centres..

” Let it also be extended to those in prison, please, I believe it is also affecting them there because the issue runs in my family and I have a brother in prison, ” she said.

Shehu Gaza a trader prayed to God to bless the organizers, saying, “ I want to commend the partners who brought this to us, we are grateful.’’

A bank Accountant, Oluwatoyin Moses, urged that the free hepatitis outreach should be turned into a long-term project instead of a few days intervention.

“Just like the HIV/AIDS projects handled and funded by donors and partners, hepatitis should be looked into.

“ Hepatitis has become an endemic which cannot be addressed by just a few days, sensitisation should be prioritized in order to avoid it spreading,’’ she said.