AU, ALPA engage 50 Nasarawa state health workers on hepatitis eradication




African Union, Scientific, Technical and Research Commission (AU-STRC), African Scientific Research and Innovation Council (AU-ASRIC) are partnering with the African Liver Patient Association (ALPA) to train 50 health workers in Nasarawa State on Hepatitis eradication.

Dr Ahmed Hamdy, the Executive Director of AU-STRC and AU-ASRIC, specialized institutions of the AU, disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Abuja.

Hamdy said that AU-STRC and AU-ASRIC, in partnership with ALPA, are organizing practical hands-on training on implementing the ASRIC Flagship Project in a village free of hepatitis in Nasarawa State.

He said that the training followed the implementation of the African Union Science, Technology and Innovation Framework on Africa Free of Viral Hepatitis.

Hamdy said, “The training is aimed at strengthening and building the capacity of the Nasarawa State’s 50 health practitioners with the requisite knowledge, competencies and skills to eradicate viral hepatitis.

“This hands-on capacity-building training workshop is the first of its kind and is the pilot phase of addressing the challenges posed by viral hepatitis.

“The training is aimed at strengthening the capacity of the AU Member States and the Nasarawa State’s health practitioners (Local Implementation Committee) numbering about 50.

“It is a train-the-trainer training to ensure they are practically equipped with the requisite knowledge, competencies and skill to eradicate viral hepatitis in their villages and Member States.”

He said the training was made possible due to the tripartite partnership between AU-STRC, AU-ASRIC and ALPA, a continental organization aimed at treating hepatitis carriers.

Hamdy added, “AU-STRC is a specialized institution of the African Union (AU) that deals with Science, Technology and Innovation.

“AU-ASRIC, equally a specialized institution of the (AU) is the highest advisory body to the AU on science, technology and innovation with the mandate of building and mobilizing research excellence and technical competencies.

“The African Liver Patient Association (ALPA) is a continental organization whose aim is improving care and treatment for people who have hepatitis through the cooperation of its members and the global stakeholders.’