Pharmaccess, EDC graduate 59 professionals from Healthcare management programme




The Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) of Pan Atlantic University, in partnership with PharmAccess Foundation on Thursday, 8th of December 2022 graduated 59 participants from the Healthcare Management Programme (HMP) in view of improving the delivery of healthcare services in Nigeria.
The HMP certificate program, developed by PharmAccess and EDC, aims to equip healthcare professionals with essential business management skills, such as quality management, human resource and succession planning, financial management, taxation, use of digital technology, and inventory management.

The Director of the EDC, Mr. Peter Bankole, during his opening address, welcomed all the participants and facilitators of the program.  He acknowledged that many of this year’s graduands were nominated from the Lagos State Civil Service with different backgrounds in the healthcare industry.

Giving her remarks, the Country Director of PharmAccess Foundation, Njide Ndili, stated that the curriculum for the HMP was created in response to the gaps in the health sector that were identified during the implementation of several PharmAccess programs. She reiterated PharmAccess’ commitment to strengthening the healthcare delivery system while supporting healthcare practitioners to improve the quality of care in their processes. Ms. Ndili called on the graduands to promote ethical corporate conduct and to implement what they have learned to other staff within their organizations.

Also speaking, the Chairman of the Lagos State Health Service Commission, Dr. Mrs. Atinuke Onayiga, thanked the Bank of Industry for sponsoring 50 participants and underlined the importance of having the will for personal development. She emphasized the importance of making investments not just in the clinical aspect but also in the administrative side of medicine.  ” Medical management is lacking, and we need to strengthen that area. The participants of the HMP 9 were carefully picked across the strata of leadership in the industry and we believe that this effort would be a continuous one.”

In his remarks, Dr. Eniayewun Ademuyiwa, the Permanent Secretary of the Lagos State Health Service Commission, congratulated PharmAccess Foundation for being part of this laudable initiative. He stated that “The Health Service Commission has indeed been attempting to launch a similar effort, but we were unaware that the EDC and PharmAccess Foundation had already launched it. We believe that major challenges we face can be resolved if the industry possesses the necessary leadership skill set. The Bank of Industry has also taken an interest in this project because it will result in an increase in investment in the health sector.”

Speaking on behalf of the graduands, the Class President for the HMP-8 cohort, Dr. Akwaeze-Usoro Anwuli, thanked the EDC and PharmAccess for the program and its impact. She said “We started the course, but because of the pandemic’s challenges, we had to stop and move over to the next year. Although it was difficult and strenuous, we never wavered in our resolve. We are grateful for the EDC’s excellent performance in all regards.”

Also speaking for the graduands, the Class President for the HMP-9 cohort, Dr. Taiwo Hassan added, “The journey that began on the 11th of October has been very inspiring. We have unquestionably been prepared to provide better and more effective service due to the rigorous training provided by the Enterprise Development Centre. I want to encourage the HMP 9 graduates to return to their hospitals and improve the quality of delivery, patient-centered care, and the utilization of medical technology.”

Dr. Taiwo further confirmed the significant increase in patients’ use of general hospitals because of the improvement in healthcare service delivery, thanks to HMP.

The event was attended by Government representatives, medical professionals, stakeholders in the development sector, family, and friends of the graduands.