Hilda Baci reveals money spent on 100 hours Guinness World Records Cook-A-Thon




Hilda Baci, a popular chef who achieved the 100-hour Cook-A-Thon Guinness World Records, said she spent over Five months on the actual execution of the event and spent a lot of money organizing it.

Hilda disclosed this on Tuesday in a Channels Television Interview monitored by Nigerian Newssphere.

Nigerian Newssphere had reported that chef Hilda received ovations from Nigerians and the world at large on her historic 100-hour cook-A-Thon feat in Lagos.

She said it took her over five years to conceptualize the event and a year and five months to decide if it would occur.

“I have been overwhelmed with love in a very good way, I did not expect it to be this massive, but I am very grateful.

“It took us about six months to plan the actual event up to execution; it took a year and five months from when I decided this would happen, and the idea came to me five years ago”.

Reacting to a question on the cost of organizing the event, she said: “Especially at that scale and size, it costs a lot of money; I cannot specifically give the figure”.

Hilda cooked over 100 meals in a 100-hour stint breaking the record of Indian chef Lata Tondon who had cooked for 87 hours, 45 minutes, and 00 secs in 2019.

Earlier, Guinness World Records disclosed that it looks forward to reviewing the evidence for its Records Management team before confirming Hilda’s feat.