Cyber Politics: Danbatta Commends Ibietan’s Dedication, Activism




The executive vice chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Prof. Umar Danbatta has lauded the author of the book Cyber Politics, Dr. Omoniyi Ibietan, for his exceptional diligence, literary prowess and activism in his endeavour to contribute to the betterment of society by sharing knowledge.

The public launch of the book titled Cyber Politics: Social Media, Social Demography, and Voting Behavior in Nigeria took place in Abuja. The event witnessed the presence of government officials, journalists, accomplished professionals and friends who congregated to commemorate this significant literary achievement.

Ibietan, who heads the media relations management unit at the NCC, received the honour of having Danbatta pen the foreword of his book and presented it to the public officially.

In his remarks, Danbatta expressed his admiration for Ibietan’s ardent dedication to penning a book on the subject of cyber politics. He commended Ibietan for seamlessly integrating his official duties at NCC with his fervent passion for producing this insightful literary work. Danbatta playfully commented on the contrasting paths they had taken: “I believe Dr. Ibietan has taken a commendable leap by choosing to serve at NCC, while I was beckoned to serve from the classroom”.

Regarding the formidable task of writing, Danbatta stated, “Individuals who meticulously gather their thoughts and translate them into impactful written works, such as this book, are among the intellectual pillars of our society. Ibietan’s literary achievement is indeed commendable and we are delighted to have such a dedicated professional within our ranks”.

The executive vice chairman emphasised that beyond his scholarly pursuits and eloquence in public speaking, Ibietan is recognised for his activism aimed at societal improvement. Prof. Danbatta acknowledged the fruitful collaboration he has enjoyed with Ibietan during his eight years at the helm of the NCC.

Continuing, Danbatta attested to the formidable challenges inherent in the writing process, acknowledging the multifaceted effort that goes into producing a book. He conveyed his anticipation for future literary endeavours by Ibietan, stating, “I have heard that more books are in the pipeline after this one, and we eagerly anticipate their release”.

In the context of the event, Danbatta officially presented the book on behalf of NCC’s management and staff, along with Premium Times Books, the publisher. He urged members of the public to engage with the book, underlining the rewarding experience of delving into its contents.