2023: Surge in Continuous Voters Registration is because of me, NRM Presidential Candidate, Nwa-Ajajike reveals




Ahead of the forthcoming 2023 general elections, National Redemption Movement( NRM) presidential candidate, Mazi Okwudili Nwa-Ayajike has revealed that the surge in Continuous Voters Registration(CVR) in Five states in Eastern Nigeria, Lagos and Kano is because of him.

Okwudili stated this during a courtesy visit to the palace of Eze Igbo 1 of Abuja on Sunday.

He disclosed that NRM has the required structure to clinch victory in the forthcoming presidential election.

The presidential candidate explained that his party has formidable strategies, plans to end Nigeria’s insecurity challenge in one year if elected.

He said if elected as President in 2023, he will engineer digital revolution for the benefit of all.

“In Igbo culture we respect elders, you cannot against in such a journey without the blessings of the elders. We came here to take the blessings of our traditional leaders. There is what is called ‘Ofor’, when people gather together to give you power, that means you are in control of the spirit and the living. We here on a mission to rescue, save Nigeria”.

“We are radicals, we believe we can win the election. Whatsoever you see happenings about surge in Continuous Voters Registration and PVC collection, is not because of Former Vice President Abubakar Atiku, Former Governor of Lagos State, Ahmed Tinubu but me”. People have seen me, they have seen a youth who is like them vying for the number one seat.

“For the past 20years all the presidents of Nigeria have never got any plans but have been working on existing plan, which have not been working, that is why we are bringing on board radical revolution pioneered on digital ideas.

“The Youth of Nigeria, my question to you is are you satisfied with the life you are living? If you are satisfied, then go ahead and follow them, but I believe that among all the presidential candidates I am the only that is not corrupt. I am like you. Join me let us achieve our Nigeria of Tomorrow together.

“We are going to revive the economy through the strength of our numbers, through workable policies.

“Under our watch within one year there won’t be insecurity in Nigeria. We have strategies and plans to address insecurity. Insecurity is caused mainly by lack of hunger, starvation, unemployment, lack of electricity, lack of sensitization of our national identity”, he stated.