Biggie issues Beauty strike, Ilebaye warning for flouting rules




Biggie has issued this season the ‘Level Up’ housemates Beauty strike while Illabaye a warning for flouting house rule.

Beauty, after the night party, attacked Ilebayi for taking sides with Chomzy who was her roommate at the hotel before the show.

The 24-year-old ex-beauty queen was angry with Groovy for dancing with Chomzy, a Level 1 housemate at the Saturday night party.

Beauty, who is Groovy’s love interest, felt disrespected that he danced with Chomzy who she had issues with.

However, when Ilebaye tried to caution Beauty against raising her voice, the Plateau State-born got angry, walked up to Ilebaye who was seated at the dining table and yanked off her wig.

Ilebaye had said, ‘Just behave yourself and Beauty replied, ‘I should what??’ and the brawl started.

However, Biggie punished Beauty with a strike unlike in ‘Pepper dem’ season where Tacha was disqualified for physically fighting Mercy Eke(The then winner),

Recall that a similar incident got Tacha Akide disqualified in 2019 ‘Pepper dem’ season.

She was disqualified for fighting and provoking Mercy Eke who won the show at the end of the season.

This is first time Biggie is issuing Housemates strike, warning this season.